Week Summary 4

What. A. Week.

So I may have made a mistake for procrastinating on this class. It all caught up with me this week. At least I am finishing this class early (not by much, but I’ll take it!). I enjoyed this one a lot more than last weeks because I like visual stuff a lot more!

I started off with a reflection of my past photography skills. Let’s just admit that I knew nothing before I read the readings, which you can view here and here. I explained how in depth my skills are on this post:

Am I experienced with photography??

Analyzing different points in movies that represent the points mentioned in the weekly instructions and the readings did not seem fun. I actually didn’t mind because I was having fun looking for still shots in different movies. The two movies I used were Percy Jackson and Chronicles of Narnia. I explain them all in this post:

Photography and Cinematography

The next assignment was to do either a collage or a what’s in my bag. What’s in my bag is always a fun thing to do. I remember doing this all through elementary and middle school. It was interesting to do it for my character because then it made the character even more real.

What’s in her purse?!

Then came my 10 stars worth of visual assignments. The first one I did was to create a superhero doing something from ordinary life. That one came out as 3 stars:

Superheros do what?!?

The next thing was to take a weird picture that could be mistaken for a superhero/superhero related things. This one was actually 4 stars!!

Is it a light? Is it a plane? Is it IRON MAN?!

The final assignment I created was to take a picture of something up close and let others guess. Of course I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I can let you click on the blog.

Take a wild guess!

Daily creates were simple as usual. I did do some from the past due to things scrambling all up around that “horrible” hurricane. The first daily create was to post dots for international dots day.

The next one was to post lunch art. It’s basically art made with any type of food. This one I did for shark week!

The final one was to post gremlins in ds160! Everyone seemed to like this one!!

The final assignment for week 4 was the photoblitz. I had a fun time doing this one!! It got me up and moving for this class, which isn’t very typical due to it all being on the computer!!

20 min Photo Time!

That’s all for this week! Hopefully I learned my lesson and will not procrastinate for next week’s assignments! Have a good week everyone!

Is it a light? Is it a plane? Is it IRON MAN?!

When I saw the assignment was to find a picture that can be mistaken for a superhero, I went ahead and just started taking pictures. I kept moving my hand quickly hoping that something could come out of the blurred picture. Then when I went to my friend’s house, I went to go into their pool and noticed something. The light under the pool was the color of iron man! The picture looks like iron man is trapped under the water! Take a look!

What’s in her purse?!

Now with the way my character is, she has many different items in her purse.

First off, her purse is very basic, but cute. She wanted one that was small, but she could still have it on her wrist. This is what it ooks like:

Of course she has all the makeup essentials in order to look absolutely perfect.

Liquid foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc.

She has plenty of gum to ensure that she isn’t known as dragon breath

My character also has something no one knows about. She doesn’t talk about it because she doesn’t feel as if it is cool enough. What is it? Well take a look:

A single necklace that has the coordinates of her best friend who moved to the opposite side of the US. She doesn’t want people to think she is too gushy.

Along with other items like the typical credit card, phone, hair ties, etc. My character seems to be not very original when it comes to her purse. I guess that’s what a popular girl wants to be like….just like everyone else (but better)

20 min Photo Time!

Well this was an interesting assignment! I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to get all of the items on the list! Not going to lie, I did refresh the list quite a few times until I got a list I liked!!

I couldn’t figure out how to get a permalink on here of my list, so I just went ahead and took a screenshot of my list. I will now put every picture I took in order of my list:

Something old…

A hand…

A very, very new tree….


Some water….

A wall and another wall…..

Rules of third: my dog’s nose….

This exercise was one of the more exciting ones. I didn’t mind getting up and finding all of these throughout my house. Some of them may not be exciting, but I did try my best to find the best items for this assignment. I also finished it within 15 min instead of 20! That’s 5 to spare!!


And Finish!!

Photography and Cinematography

Both of the reading that were provided for us this week gave a lot of good examples/good things to do to create incredible photos.

Here is a still shot of Percy Jackson in the very first movie.

This picture seems so simple. Just a very basic picture of the main character. But there is a lot more going on here. This picture is incredibly balanced. As you can tell Percy is the important part of this picture, not the background trees. But you can still tell that the background is in fact trees and grass.

The last movie that I would like to point of is the “Chronicles of Narnia”. This movie is very complex, but also in a very fake looking world. The still shots for this movie are truly incredible.

Look at the background of this still shot. As you can see it is truly beautiful. Although being so artistically pretty, it still doesn’t pull away attention to the intended main idea. That is the way a background is supposed to be. I admire how real everything looks in this picture. The contrast  is also critical in this photograph. I don’t need to go looking for the boy, or lion, or grass, or clouds because they totally contrast each other.

The second picture is a wonderful promotion picture for the movie:

Take a look. Acknowledge how the light is dividing the picture into two. It was clearly placed so that the people looking at it can understand that the queen was dark and evil and the lion and kids are a bright light. This photograph also represents so much depth to the movie. Every character tells a story through their facial expressions. That’s what we need to do with a picture, tell a story.

I intend to tell my story every time I post a picture on Instagram. If done right, the pictures will tell a very in depth story.

Am I experienced with photography??

The first assignment is to write a reflection of my experiences while doing photography. I can sum up my experience in 2 words: not applicable.

I never really have had a photography background. I mean sure of course ive taken pictures on my phone and polaroid, but they aren’t artistic. I’d just take them of my friends or the beach or me.

The only approach I know I take is always on an upward angle. Never from down looking up. That always just makes something look very large instead of what it really is.

The first approach I can come up with is to first take MORE photos. I can’t improve on my photography “skills” if I don’t actually try. Just like it says in the first article, I need to find some kind of inspiration in order to be passionate about photographing whatever object or person I pick.

After reading up and analyzing I think I need to go out and take pictures. Remember, if you take a picture, it’ll last longer!!

Week 3 Summary

Writing, writing, writing. That’s what this week was all about!!

I’m not a huge fan of writing, so when I saw that our assignment this week was to go into the assignment bank and get 10 stars from the writing assignments section only, let’s just say I wasn’t the happiest. But turns out, it wasn’t that bad!!!

The first assignment I chose was 2 1/2 stars. The prompt was to write a letter to my younger self. This was very interesting to write because it meant I could actually look back and see how far I’ve come!!

Dear Past Alexis

The next one I did from the Assignment bank was only 2 stars, but it seemed interesting to me!! This assignment was to write out 5 items from my bucket list. I then had to explain why they were on my bucket list. This was so easy since I have kept a bucket list for quite a while. Check it out!

Yes, This Is My Bucket List

The third one from the assignment bank was 3 1/2 stars. This was quite interesting. It was a simple prompt: write a movie review. I got to be both critical and positive about the movie. This movie I had analylyzed in the past for my FSEM so I figured it would be easy to cover for this. Here it is!

The Aspects of Feed

The final assignment from the bank was just happy and fun. I was told to pick my favorite holiday and why it’s my favorite. Who wouldn’t want to write about that?!? This one brought me to the 10 stars I needed!!

The Best Holiday

I then did my daily creates. Some are from last week and some are from this week due to that HORRIBLE Hurricane 😉 we had.

Daily Create #1: I was told to award a badge for someone that day!

Daily Create #2: Very simple 2 words: pre-internet memes. These memes are the best and I was very familiar with them before this assignment.

Daily Create #3: A little strange, but we were supposed to talk in pirate “language”. I just searched for a picture of a dog.

The next assignment-after all the daily reads of course-which you can view here, here, and here-and watch here.

This assignment was to analyze a story and see how our readings went into this story. So I picked none other than Hercules!

Storytelling in the Eyes of Hercules

The final assignment of this week was to create a character and give it a background. I wanted to do one that appeared basic, but once you dig a little deeper you realize it isn’t necessarily their fault. Well that’s when Olivia came into play!

Say Hi to Olivia

Finally: check out some of the responses on my peer’s posts!!

I have yet to figure out how to get the link of my response on a blog post, but once I do, I’ll start putting them in!

The Best Holiday

Let me tell you, through my whole life I have always LOVED Christmas!! My degree of love for it is almost unhealthy. There is just something about all the happiness that makes me want to stay in the time forever.

I recall smelling all the pine scents from the candles and Fabreez. I also smell the muddy buddy that we will only make during Christmas time because it’ll make you gain 100 pounds in one sitting.

I can feel all the excitement when we go into the living room at 7am and see all the presents (Santa-my siblings are all younger) has left for us. I get to be around all my family members whom I don’t see that often.

I love to give gifts. Everyone likes getting them, but I also love giving them. Seeing that huge smile on people’s faces will just make my day. It’s always worth the cost and energy to get and wrap it.

To anyone who isn’t a fan of Christmas, I don’t understand. It is the merriest time of the year!!