Best Picture!

This picture is one of my favorite ones I’ve taken. This is my service dog in training, Rilee. The picture was taken on her first birthday. I love it so much because it represents how crazy it is to attempt to train a dog for service work. That’s her most of the time when I am trying to be all business.

Clearly she didn’t want to be!

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Week 1 Summary

Well….this week has been quite the week! The start up for this class wasn’t all that bad. It was very simple and easy to create all the different accounts. It did get hard when it came to connecting these to the full D106 class website. I did many look overs to make sure I completed it correctly.

I enjoyed making the blog because we get to express ourselves in it. That gives me the freedom that I enjoy to have for a class. I really liked being able to see what other classmates have said/done for the class (social media posts, etc.)

Thoughts on Myth/Folklore Theme

Hi DS106!




Thoughts on Myth/Folklore Theme

This type of theme will be very interesting to study for this class. Yes, many different myth-based stories share the same reasoning on why to tell it. They all are an over exaggeration of the truth about humans/animals/world/etc.  During this course, we will be able to differentiate and compare between the past with these themes and the present.

Hi DS106!

Here are all my accounts! It was confusing, but I think I did it all!

Hey! Im Alexis Byers!! I am a sophomore and a Political Science major!

Hello everyone! I am Alexis and I am a sophomore! I look forward to this class! #ds106

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