Radio show Ideas

The radio show that we will be doing seems to be very hard. I have been trying to think what we could talk about in terms of relating it to the class’s theme: Myths

  • Maybe about how different myths are portrayed in different cultures
  • Or what’s the difference between actual myths and what their story is within films
    • both adult and children films
  • how do people make a myth to fit into a society
  • How long have myths been known to stay around
  • Are myths somehow included into songs?

DS106 Radio!

Well that was an interesting experience! It’s definitely not what I expected when I thought about what the show would be like!

I was also able to talk to one of my classmates regarding the show!


Week 5 Summary

Well this week was quite the week! The takeaway from it is that I am most certainly not a sound person. Figuring out the application audacity took me at least 2 1/2 days alone! That’s the first thing I did! Download audacity and then the LAME encoder. That wasn’t too hard at all because of the directions.

Next I watched Abumrad’s videos which explained empathy and storytelling  through audio. I remember at the beginning of the week I had questioned how exactly audio can create a total story. Then it opened my eyes to see what Abumrad said regarding these ideas. You can see them for yourself both here and here. 

Next I listened to “Moon Graffiti“. This was quite an interesting and in depth piece. I do not know how someone would be able to create this! It must have taken quite a long time to create. I talk all about this piece and just audio in general in this post:

Telling a Story Through Sound

Last night, I spent some time listening to the ds106 radio broadcast! It was not at all what I expected! It was actually pretty entertaining because I spent time trying to figure out what was going on! My tweets from last night will give you a picture of my thoughts. They are quite comical as well.

DS106 Radio!

I still don’t totally understand what was going on during the radio show, but I think I enjoyed it!

The daily creates of this week were way different than the others. Many of them I had to click and look at the description so that I am able to understand and create them properly.

One day’s assignment was to combine a famous book with a famous band. I thought it would be funny to combine a band with fifty shades. What’s better than a band with a color in the name?!?

The next daily create was to pick two famous people (dead or alive), and make them the perfect couple of beauty and brain. My idea was already taken by another student, but I had to use it!

The final Daily Create was to take a video of your environment. I commute so I get to stay in my lovely home!

The next is to complete 12 stars on the assignment bank! I did mostly ones with more than 1 or so stars so I only had to do 4 assignments!

The first assignment was to find the sounds that annoy me the most, then put them all into one audio file. I did not like doing this one. That’s for sure! It came out to being 3 stars!

Most Annoying Sounds

The next assignment I picked so that I can move on from the “annoying” last assignment. This one you now picked your favorite sounds. I could not find all my favorite sounds, but I picked my top that were available to me! This one was worth 2 stars!

My Four Favorite Sounds

The third assignment I picked was to create a place only using sounds. This meant that I could use multiple sounds to put together that, when I closed my eyes, made me think of being at this particular place. I chose none other than, the beach!! This one was 4 stars!

Calm Beach!

The final assignment that I chose was one that was pretty simple. One song, 2 genres. I had to find the original song and then find a cover of it but in a completely different genre. A song came to mind immediately after I finished reading this assignment….God’s Plan! Both by Drake and then Ariana! Check out this 3 1/2 star assignment!

Which Genre’s Better?

Creating a radio bumper was fun to make! When I listened to it I just laughed because I think I sound so ridiculous! But anyway hopefully it wasn’t too bad.

Welcome to the DS106 Radio

The sound effects story took me quite a while to make. First I had to come up with the idea of even what to do in the first place. But I thought I should create the environment story of a crowds favorite team winning the game!

Sound Effects Story

The radio show will be something that I have never even considered before! These are some of my brainstorms about different topics we can include when we have our radio show. Maybe I can look into some of them and then see what would be most interesting. Well, something to talk about with my group!

Radio show Ideas

Overall this week has been very long and I am ready for the weekend! I’m so glad I actually got through completing all this work!


Which Genre’s Better?

Finding one song sang in 2 different genres is always so interesting to watch. It let’s you have an almost “what if” for the song, like “what if it was sang like this, would it do better or worse?”

That’s why upon reading this assignment that I thought of, yes, the Musical Genre Challenge on Jimmy Fallon. The one I would like to use is the one none other than Ariana Grande. I was able to find the video that had what I was looking for, but it was covered the whole segment as opposed to the one song. So enjoy watching it all, but focus on the song God’s Plan.

Here is the Original God’s Plan by Drake:

And here is God’s Plan by Ariana Grande in the 90s Diva Genre!

Personally, I prefer the original, but Ariana’s takes a very close second. I think I just always enjoy originals better since they are the ones that get stuck in my head first, but they are both pretty darn good!!

Which one do you like better? Let me know below!

Calm Beach!

When I read the assignment from the bank for this week, I noticed the one that said create a place using sound. Of course, the first place I thought of was the beach. It was so easy to make such a calming noise. AND I got 4 stars from it! 🙂

This is when I can add in my character as well. The character Olivia, LOVES to throw beach parties! The secret truth is she doesn’t do it for the party, she does it for the calm sounds. As expressed below:


Telling a Story Through Sound

Audio storytelling is a somewhat new idea to me. Of course I’ve listened to the radio and broadcasts. Sound is critical for telling stories, but how do you tell stories through sound only?

Different sounds create different moods throughout a story. Such as, light and blissful sounds create a very happy mood. Or the Star Wars sound creates a very specific type of mood.

Abumrad’s videos opened up what sound could mean for people on the radio. He explains how you can relate to both the radio host and the listener. Somehow, with the right feeling/mood sound is able to connect people of all different ethnicities. That is something to always remember when considering sound or what’s its purpose.

You can watch the videos both here and here.