Edited Logo

This is my final assignment for the assignment bank. I picked the one where we have to edit a logo and have it include one of my favorite things from the place that the logo was made for.

I took my favorite place of wawa and added a cup of coffee in the bird’s mouth. It looks like the bird is carrying the coffee, which of course it what I always get from wawa.

Take a look!

Home Alone? Roller Coaster?

The next assignment I picked was 4 1/2 stars. This one was also pretty easy and fun.

The assignment was to take a dramatic close-up of an actor in a movie and mash it up to tell a story.

I used (of course) the well known Home Alone surprised picture. I then pair it with a roller coaster with the steepest hill out there. To make the boy from  Home Alone look terrified.

Check it out!

I hope you like it!

Superhero in real life?!?!

I picked the superhero in everyday life assignment from the assignment bank. It was worth 4 stars and seemed pretty easy.

I was right!!

I simply went online and found 2 pictures, a picture with a superhero flying, and traffic. I did this because if I could fly, I would use it to fly over 5 o’clock traffic.

I used a photo editor in order to create the picture. But, the one things was I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of the white around the super girl.

Check out my picture!