Listening in on DS106 Radio!

This week we got the opportunity to listen to radio shows that us as well as our classmates have created. I enjoyed this opportunity to hear the different ways people went with this assignment.

I listened to the “Myths, Legends And Character Conversations” radio show! And it was so good. I thought it was the best for using sounds. The background music, intro music, everything made the show that much more real.

You can look at the tweets I made when the show was going on here:

It was the creepiest one out of all 3 of them. Some of the parts did get odd when they were switching characters. I think they should have changed the voices more so it was better to understand.

Overall I thought the whole idea of the radio show was pretty creative! They clearly spent a lot of time together working it out. And it was clear that they worked in person or at the same time online.

Whoever was speaking right after the show said… “in case we dont know who iron man is….” That took me by surprised! Who wouldn’t know?!?!