Progress of our show!

As this is week one of working on the radio show, my group and I have thought about a lot. Zae was the one who asked the group of us if we would be in a group. I was very thankful for that because I didn’t have a group really to belong to. We created the name of our radio show over twitter messages. We came up with Super storytellers! I thought it sounded good because everything we brainstormed has revolved around our characters we had created earlier for the class.

We next created a google doc. This is where we began to plan just what type of things we will discuss in each of our segments. The professor helped us by commenting his ideas on our ideas.

We also took some time to write out just who our characters are. Then we can get an idea of what the show will be as a whole. We all agreed to of course have our work for the week done by today, but then also we agree to have our commercials in by Sunday. Then Zae will be able to mash them together in whatever way and then we will be more ahead of schedule.

I think we had a very successful week when planning our radio show. Now next week we need to get down to business!