Transitions and pictures

This Assignment is worth 4 stars! The assignment was to create a video montage of my favorite transitions and pictures. It was fun to create! I did both my favorite pictures and my favorite things and events!

Tiger in the snow-i absolutely LOVE tigers. The pictures where they are in the snow or in somewhere where their colors stick out the best

Sharks-I am so terrified of sharks, but I also think they are fascinating. I make sure to watch all through shark week, and my favorite part is when they get pictures like this.

Ellen’s selfie-I put this in because it is the most legendary selfie there ever was. These people all come from so many places and have different amounts of fame, yet they still are all in the same place.

Man kissing women-As a political science major, we look all into this sort of stuff. This is one of my most favorite pictures of this time. There is just such pure happiness as the man kisses the women

Stay strong quote….-This is my favorite quote of all time. I love it in this sort of picture is beautiful with it.

Bishop Briggs-Last but not least is Bishop Briggs logo. She is my favorite singer/songwriter

Check out the video montage here: