The Number 0 In Nature

This was the last video assignment. It is worth 4 stars! This assignment was to make a compilation of findings of a number in nature or other places. I thought the easiest one would be “0”.

I started by typing in oval shapes in nature. This gave me a lot of responses. The only change-up I did was some of those objects would be in some kind of relation with the character I have created, Olivia. I kept it hidden and want you to guess which objects would go with Olivia? If you have been following this character, then it shouldn’t be too hard of a game.

I used the song:Symphony by Anna O because that’s what zero seems to me. Just a very simple number. It’s an incredible song! You can listen to this whole song here:

This video was very fun to make and to hide in meanings.

Here is my progress page from it!

AND finally the final product! Let me know in the comments what you think belongs/related to Olivia!

Don’t know Olivia? Check out her intro page here!

Say Hi to Olivia