Video Essay

This video essay wasn’t too bad for me. I was able to figure things out quickly and I didn’t mind doing it.

First, I found a clip on Youtube that I wanted to use from a movie I wanted to analyze.

Then I downloaded it using 4k video downloader

I opened Imovie on my MacBook, then uploaded the video I had found.

I then watched the video. As I watched it I opened a word document. I wrote out all the lines that I wanted to say throughout the video. It was difficult getting my lines I was saying to match up with the scene on the screen, but I think I finally did it! Once I wrote out my full “script” which you can see here:

Video Essay Lines

I then started the video and clicked record on the IMovie set up. I recorder my full dialogue and then saved the new video I had created. I uploaded it then to Youtube, which you can watch here:

This assignment helped me to analyze and look into why a director created the video in this way. This scene meant way more than what I thought it meant when I initially watched it. I enjoyed this assignment more than any so far!