Website Recreations

This project was R.O.U.G.H.

It took me 3 hours to complete what I wanted to do. Once I completed it I was very proud of it! Then it stopped working! Let me explain,

When I clicked the p in the corner of the page, it came up a link that said sign in or sign up. Here’s what it is:

I had made an account previously, so I clicked sign in. it simply opened a new browser, the browser closed, and it left that exact box still up. So sadly I was unable to save the progress I had done. I did take screenshots of my page and what I did. Here is my mock-website!!

I decided to make one about selling a piece of Albert Einstein’s brain. I made it because I was trying to think what could I want more than an easier to work with and smarter brain.

I also put see other items as all items people would want who are in college: sweatshirts, test answers, energy drinks, coffee, Netflix, sweatpants, etc.

So basically this was the most difficult and time consuming assignment of this semester.