Week 14-Final Week!

This week was a ton of work! I am so happy I finished it a day early!! I had the idea of creating this finale part of Olivia’s story. I thought it would be interesting if you look at my blog as a whole and see the character change. Here is me introducing my idea in the last weekly summary.

Week 13/Progress of Final Project

I then began working on it this past Monday. I’ve been doing little each day to ensure that it is done with the best of my ability.

The one thing I would like to talk about is the web design. One of the web edited assignments I did are screenshots. That was because I tried it again and, like last time, it did not Publish.

I finally figured out what the problem was. I was on Safari, but when I switched to google chrome, it was able to publish! So the other 2 assignments worked out!! And I was able to publish them!!

Here is the final assignment!

Final Project!

This class was a lot of work, but I learned a lot!! Good luck with Finals this semester! And thank you Professor Bond!!

Week 13/Progress of Final Project

Well, I can’t believe we only have one more week! This has been a very helpful class in just working with the computer.

But anyways, let’s get to the real subject. This final project, I have been thinking and planning for all week. I do not have any completed work, because I am trying to make this the best work it can be.

This assignment is to utilize my character and the theme of myth/legend into a master project. This project will be across 3 different parts of media that we have both learned and discussed in this class.

I will provide a very detailed outline in what I am planning to do for each individual story. While showing my how my character has evolved throughout the semester. Here you go!

My character Olivia started out as a character whom is severely misunderstood. She is this cruel and calculated popular girl in school, but then at home she is pushed beyond her limits in ways people would not want to be pushed. This can be difficult to illustrate, but by the end of this project you all will see how much Olivia has changed. I want the story to be Olivia is taken into court for the issue that happened which was discussed in the radio show. I’ll link that here:


Character: Olivia-popular girl at school who is pushed by her closest family members daily.

Myth/Legend: The rumors and chats about who Olivia really is is a myth. She has become this legendary girl in her hometown, with so many stories about who she is.

3 Forms of Media: Visual, Web, Audio

How will these forms be used? 

  • Visual-This will be a series of pictures. These pictures will tell part of the story of Olivia’s life. It all express what the plaintiff think she is like, and what the defendant think she is really like. It will confirm or deny the “myths” that carry along with her.

*** I will use a couple of resources to complete this part of my project. This one will be done in 2 steps. The first step will to gone onto google and find both short clips and pictures that I believe to resemble Olivia (both socially and alone). Then I will go onto IMovie on my MacBook and begin creating a video of all of the pictures and clips. Of Course, this will be a 2-part video with first the myths, then the truths. I’ll add some music, to make the piece go together, and then that’ll be part one!

  • Web- I will do an Amazon ad like what we did earlier in the semester (yes I know the last one didn’t work, but I’m trying for it again!). I want this ad to be very honest. I want to make it like an ad for what Olivia really wants to “sell” to people vs. what she does “sell”. Basically I want to make it ad or the person that Olivia presents vs. what she really wants to show.

*** This will be a picture of what both sides “show” to the judge. I will use a couple things for this as well. The first thing is of course google to get pictures and ideas. The second thing will be what we used for the web week. I will use the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles Tool .

  • Audio- I want to create another interview type place, but make it Olivia explaining who she is as a person and why she did the things she did. This will essentially be her full evolution so that the class is basically her ark and the end of my semester is the end of this part of her story.

** This will be the final plea speech of Olivia. With this, I will utilize the recording app on my Apple iPhone. I will then Air Drop it to my computer and upload it into Audacity . Which I have used that for multiple assignments. I will upload other sounds into it to enhance the audio using Free Sound .

That’s all for this week! I will start working on the final project this weekend, and have it ready for the end of the semester! One more week everyone and we are done! 🙂




Week 12

This week wasn’t too bad! It was all about mashups and remixes. It was slightly confusing to memorize the difference between the 2, but I just used this website for every time I was doing an assignment.

The first assignment I did was a tutorial of how to do one of the assignments from the assignment bank. I chose to do one for one of the assignments I already did and I liked. The assignment I picked was the google draw something. It was very easy to explain as well.

If you are looking into doing this assignment and are confused on how to do it, check out my post below!

How to: Google draw something

The assignments from the assignment bank were pretty easy as well. They didn’t take me too long. The only thing that took me long was editing, but I think that’s only because I am not tech savvy.

The first assignment I chose was worth  4 stars. The assignment was to take a superhuman and put them in real life. This would show what I would do with a superhero. I would fly, and I would use that to get past traffic because hate traffic and I’m not patient enough for it. You can look at it below!

Superhero in real life?!?!

The next assignment was worth 4 1/2 stars. This one is just like the one above. We had to take a close up by an actor in a move, and edit it into a picture so it tells a story. I used one of the most well-known close ups (the Home Alone close up). I made him surprised about a roller coaster:

Home Alone? Roller Coaster?

The final assignment from the assignment bank was worth the final 3 1/2 stars. This one was to take your favorite product from one of your favorite stores, and incorporate it into their logo. Of Course, I chose Wawa Coffee!…

Edited Logo

The next set of assignments was to click the remix button on one of the assignments in the assignment bank, and complete it. We had to do 2 of these.

The first one I got was to take the picture of my favorite superhero, and incorporate a Dr. Seuss character in it. I had Spiderman and one of the characters walking along the web he threw.

Remixing Spider Seuss

The second one I got, was to take a picture I like, and put a mustache on it. It was so simple and pretty funny. I put a mustache on my dog.

Put a ‘stache on it

The final assignment for this week was the usual daily creates.

The one daily create I did, was to say something about Sadie Hawkins day. I’m female, so of course I agree with this and this day. Any time I see Sadie Hawkins day I think of the song “Man’s World”

The next daily create I chose was to celebrate the 2500th daily create! I just put in some fancy numbers!

That’s all for this week! I’m looking forward to getting a break with Thanksgiving. It’s well deserved!

Week 11

This week was pretty easy in terms of assignment! All I had to do was continue doing stars. We did have to do the blog and the videos in a more detailed fashion. But that was fine with me because it was still not much work.

The first assignment I did was worth 4 stars. We had to create a video that put a spin on a famous movie. At the end there was supposed to be some joke within it. I decided to do mine using Titanic. I used information from the huge debate that Jack could have fit on the door with Rose. If your curious what I did, you can check it out here:

Video Joke

The next video I did was also worth 4 stars. I chose the one where we were supposed to make a video of all our past social media pictures. I chose this one because I thought my character would also pick this one. She is obsessed with social media and her image. Plus it was fun to look back and see how much I’ve changed. I did my from past to present in order so that it would be really interesting to see. Look below!

Social media in a story

The final video I made was the final 4 stars needed. We had to take a number and put on pictures of it in nature. I thought this one would be easy and fun to make. I also hid in there items that belong to Olivia. I said in the post to comment below and guess which ones belong to Olivia! Watch it and guess for yourself!

The Number 0 In Nature

The daily creates were pretty easy/fun for this week!

The first one that I did was to find an interesting way signs are placed that make them mean something totally different than what they’re supposed to mean. I found this weird Koala farming one. I still don’t know what the point is of these signs.

The next one I did was also interesting. We had to make our own commemorative coin. I did a coin with Martin Luther King Jr. on it.

The final daily create that I did was to pick one of our favorite songs from childhood. I of course had to go with Teletubbies

That’s it for this week!! I know I can’t believe that’s all the work either! Thank God for that because I have 2 papers for other classes to work on.

Week 10 Summary

This weeks video assignments were incredibly time consuming. First thing I did was read the article that written about how to do a video essay. You can read it here.

I then began doing my video essay. The least to say is that it is a very complex assignment. You can check out my assignment below!

Video Essay

The next thing I did was the videos from the assignment bank. I was talking with my radio show group to figure out if we wanted to do the group project, or do the assignment bank. We decided that it is too difficult to match up our schedules in order for us to complete the other assignments.

The first video assignment I did was worth 4 stars. I tried to get ones with more stars since this is very time consuming. What we had to do was a ‘How to’ video that is completely silent. I did mine on how to survive having a ton of work. It wasn’t that hard to make since I know this very well. Check it out!

How To……Survive

The next assignment I chose was to make a montage of my favorite pictures. We had to choose our favorite pictures, transitions, and add sound to it. I explain the reason why I picked it all in the blog post. This assignment was also worth 4 stars.

Transitions and pictures

The final assignment I picked was like the one above. I had to pick all the places (I only did 5 because I want to go to too many) and then put it into a montage with sound as well. This was worth the final 4 stars that I needed!

Places to be

The final thing from this week was the daily creates.

The first one was to post a picture of my favorite, ratty shirt. This one I have had forever and I wear it to any appointment, chores, anything.

The final daily create that I did was area man. Let me tell you, I read the link and I still didn’t understand it. It made no sense to me. So I thought I might as well make him have the same question I didn’t know.

That’s it for this week! Aside from some commenting I am all complete! Im glad this week is over honestly!

Week 9

This week has been longer since I have a lot of work for other classes as well. This first thing I did was listen to the radio shows. They were so great and everyone clearly worked so hard on them. I talk about them all here:

Listening in on DS106 Radio!

The next thing I did was do the daily creates. These I’m supposed to put into a story here:

Once upon a time, there was a monster that thinks she is very cute:

She was walking through a forest and found a terrifying image!! A pumpkin was eating ANOTHER pumpkin!! Why are there cannibal pumpkins?!?!

Then she simply passed it without saying anything and thought to herself “wow…


The next thing I did was complete the website changer assignment. This one was difficult and didn’t go as planned for me. Check out what went wrong!

Website Recreations

The final thing I did for the week was the assignments from the assignment bank. We were supposed to get a total of 10 stars.

The first one I did was to look into the past of ds106. We were supposed to find a creative assignment someone else did and posted, and then we re-do it in our own way. This assignment was a full 4 stars!

DS106 Haunted

The second one I did was to explain a digital tool. We were supposed to find the digital tool, and give an explanation and a step-by-step way on how to use it. I used the rate my teacher tool. A tool I use all the time. This was worth 3 1/2 stars.

Best Digital Tool for UMW

The final assignment I did to complete my 10 stars was to look at how a website changed through time. I decided to pick eBay since I have used that throughout time. This one gave me the last 2 1/2 stars.

Ebay through time

That’s it for this week!! Despite it being rougher, I’m happy I completed it all!

Week 8

This week was the longest I’ve spent on an assignment for this class.

We put a lot of time into the radio show. You can see how much we did in the summary post here:

Second and Final Week of Radio Show

We designed our radio show to be news reports about our different worlds/characters. It was nice to incorporate our characters in a fun and creative way. Our commercials were allowed to be for anything. So I picked mine to be Halloween since we were around the time of Halloween. Curious about our full radio show? Check it out!

I also completed 2 Daily Creates this week. This included:

This one was a very old picture of 2 people and it says what are they wearing. Just like everyone else, I thought of Mickey Mouse.

The last one was a picture of a knife and it said who do it? That made me think of a type of game we used to play when I was a kid.

That’s it for this week! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders now that it’s over!

Week 5 Summary

Well this week was quite the week! The takeaway from it is that I am most certainly not a sound person. Figuring out the application audacity took me at least 2 1/2 days alone! That’s the first thing I did! Download audacity and then the LAME encoder. That wasn’t too hard at all because of the directions.

Next I watched Abumrad’s videos which explained empathy and storytelling  through audio. I remember at the beginning of the week I had questioned how exactly audio can create a total story. Then it opened my eyes to see what Abumrad said regarding these ideas. You can see them for yourself both here and here. 

Next I listened to “Moon Graffiti“. This was quite an interesting and in depth piece. I do not know how someone would be able to create this! It must have taken quite a long time to create. I talk all about this piece and just audio in general in this post:

Telling a Story Through Sound

Last night, I spent some time listening to the ds106 radio broadcast! It was not at all what I expected! It was actually pretty entertaining because I spent time trying to figure out what was going on! My tweets from last night will give you a picture of my thoughts. They are quite comical as well.

DS106 Radio!

I still don’t totally understand what was going on during the radio show, but I think I enjoyed it!

The daily creates of this week were way different than the others. Many of them I had to click and look at the description so that I am able to understand and create them properly.

One day’s assignment was to combine a famous book with a famous band. I thought it would be funny to combine a band with fifty shades. What’s better than a band with a color in the name?!?

The next daily create was to pick two famous people (dead or alive), and make them the perfect couple of beauty and brain. My idea was already taken by another student, but I had to use it!

The final Daily Create was to take a video of your environment. I commute so I get to stay in my lovely home!

The next is to complete 12 stars on the assignment bank! I did mostly ones with more than 1 or so stars so I only had to do 4 assignments!

The first assignment was to find the sounds that annoy me the most, then put them all into one audio file. I did not like doing this one. That’s for sure! It came out to being 3 stars!

Most Annoying Sounds

The next assignment I picked so that I can move on from the “annoying” last assignment. This one you now picked your favorite sounds. I could not find all my favorite sounds, but I picked my top that were available to me! This one was worth 2 stars!

My Four Favorite Sounds

The third assignment I picked was to create a place only using sounds. This meant that I could use multiple sounds to put together that, when I closed my eyes, made me think of being at this particular place. I chose none other than, the beach!! This one was 4 stars!

Calm Beach!

The final assignment that I chose was one that was pretty simple. One song, 2 genres. I had to find the original song and then find a cover of it but in a completely different genre. A song came to mind immediately after I finished reading this assignment….God’s Plan! Both by Drake and then Ariana! Check out this 3 1/2 star assignment!

Which Genre’s Better?

Creating a radio bumper was fun to make! When I listened to it I just laughed because I think I sound so ridiculous! But anyway hopefully it wasn’t too bad.

Welcome to the DS106 Radio

The sound effects story took me quite a while to make. First I had to come up with the idea of even what to do in the first place. But I thought I should create the environment story of a crowds favorite team winning the game!

Sound Effects Story

The radio show will be something that I have never even considered before! These are some of my brainstorms about different topics we can include when we have our radio show. Maybe I can look into some of them and then see what would be most interesting. Well, something to talk about with my group!

Radio show Ideas

Overall this week has been very long and I am ready for the weekend! I’m so glad I actually got through completing all this work!


Week Summary 4

What. A. Week.

So I may have made a mistake for procrastinating on this class. It all caught up with me this week. At least I am finishing this class early (not by much, but I’ll take it!). I enjoyed this one a lot more than last weeks because I like visual stuff a lot more!

I started off with a reflection of my past photography skills. Let’s just admit that I knew nothing before I read the readings, which you can view here and here. I explained how in depth my skills are on this post:

Am I experienced with photography??

Analyzing different points in movies that represent the points mentioned in the weekly instructions and the readings did not seem fun. I actually didn’t mind because I was having fun looking for still shots in different movies. The two movies I used were Percy Jackson and Chronicles of Narnia. I explain them all in this post:

Photography and Cinematography

The next assignment was to do either a collage or a what’s in my bag. What’s in my bag is always a fun thing to do. I remember doing this all through elementary and middle school. It was interesting to do it for my character because then it made the character even more real.

What’s in her purse?!

Then came my 10 stars worth of visual assignments. The first one I did was to create a superhero doing something from ordinary life. That one came out as 3 stars:

Superheros do what?!?

The next thing was to take a weird picture that could be mistaken for a superhero/superhero related things. This one was actually 4 stars!!

Is it a light? Is it a plane? Is it IRON MAN?!

The final assignment I created was to take a picture of something up close and let others guess. Of course I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I can let you click on the blog.

Take a wild guess!

Daily creates were simple as usual. I did do some from the past due to things scrambling all up around that “horrible” hurricane. The first daily create was to post dots for international dots day.

The next one was to post lunch art. It’s basically art made with any type of food. This one I did for shark week!

The final one was to post gremlins in ds160! Everyone seemed to like this one!!

The final assignment for week 4 was the photoblitz. I had a fun time doing this one!! It got me up and moving for this class, which isn’t very typical due to it all being on the computer!!

20 min Photo Time!

That’s all for this week! Hopefully I learned my lesson and will not procrastinate for next week’s assignments! Have a good week everyone!

Week 3 Summary

Writing, writing, writing. That’s what this week was all about!!

I’m not a huge fan of writing, so when I saw that our assignment this week was to go into the assignment bank and get 10 stars from the writing assignments section only, let’s just say I wasn’t the happiest. But turns out, it wasn’t that bad!!!

The first assignment I chose was 2 1/2 stars. The prompt was to write a letter to my younger self. This was very interesting to write because it meant I could actually look back and see how far I’ve come!!

Dear Past Alexis

The next one I did from the Assignment bank was only 2 stars, but it seemed interesting to me!! This assignment was to write out 5 items from my bucket list. I then had to explain why they were on my bucket list. This was so easy since I have kept a bucket list for quite a while. Check it out!

Yes, This Is My Bucket List

The third one from the assignment bank was 3 1/2 stars. This was quite interesting. It was a simple prompt: write a movie review. I got to be both critical and positive about the movie. This movie I had analylyzed in the past for my FSEM so I figured it would be easy to cover for this. Here it is!

The Aspects of Feed

The final assignment from the bank was just happy and fun. I was told to pick my favorite holiday and why it’s my favorite. Who wouldn’t want to write about that?!? This one brought me to the 10 stars I needed!!

The Best Holiday

I then did my daily creates. Some are from last week and some are from this week due to that HORRIBLE Hurricane 😉 we had.

Daily Create #1: I was told to award a badge for someone that day!

Daily Create #2: Very simple 2 words: pre-internet memes. These memes are the best and I was very familiar with them before this assignment.

Daily Create #3: A little strange, but we were supposed to talk in pirate “language”. I just searched for a picture of a dog.

The next assignment-after all the daily reads of course-which you can view here, here, and here-and watch here.

This assignment was to analyze a story and see how our readings went into this story. So I picked none other than Hercules!

Storytelling in the Eyes of Hercules

The final assignment of this week was to create a character and give it a background. I wanted to do one that appeared basic, but once you dig a little deeper you realize it isn’t necessarily their fault. Well that’s when Olivia came into play!

Say Hi to Olivia

Finally: check out some of the responses on my peer’s posts!!

I have yet to figure out how to get the link of my response on a blog post, but once I do, I’ll start putting them in!