The Best Holiday

Let me tell you, through my whole life I have always LOVED Christmas!! My degree of love for it is almost unhealthy. There is just something about all the happiness that makes me want to stay in the time forever.

I recall smelling all the pine scents from the candles and Fabreez. I also smell the muddy buddy that we will only make during Christmas time because it’ll make you gain 100 pounds in one sitting.

I can feel all the excitement when we go into the living room at 7am and see all the presents (Santa-my siblings are all younger) has left for us. I get to be around all my family members whom I don’t see that often.

I love to give gifts. Everyone likes getting them, but I also love giving them. Seeing that huge smile on people’s faces will just make my day. It’s always worth the cost and energy to get and wrap it.

To anyone who isn’t a fan of Christmas, I don’t understand. It is the merriest time of the year!!

The Aspects of Feed

The movie that I will review for one of my daily assignments is “Feed”.

Let me quickly explain the plot. A girl and her twin brother attend a party over the weekend. They get into a fight because they are both drunk, and they get into the car. The brother (during an argument) hits the wheel wrong and gets into a crash. He, sadly, passes away and his sister survives. She then starts to think that she is seeing her brother. Her “brother” is alway saying that he is hungry and needs her food. That was just a representation for the voice people who have anorexia hear. Want to know how it ends? Just watch to find out!

Here is the preview of the movie!!

I personally think that the vast attention that is applied to every aspect of this movie is incredible. They try to provide information on anorexia to the audience. It’s camera angles and storytelling is what got me the most. It felt like you were inside of the main character’s mind.

There was only a couple things that I was not a fan of.  Those being, how the crash happened. It was too predictable for me. I thought that it’s cliche of a beginning storyline took away from the rest of the movie. The one other thing I had an issue with was when her brother popped up as she was making out with a guy. I thought that took a very strange turn. I know anorexia doesn’t go away no matter what, but I thought they could have presented that in a different way.


Yes, This Is My Bucket List

This is my bucket list for the current 2k18..well 5 items off of it! I was able to achieve 2 stars for this! It was very fun to do! 🙂

  1. Attend a least one major award show: Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to actually be at an awards show. No matter if its the VMA’s or the Emmys, I want to be there with all that exciting energy AND all those celebrities!
  2. Hold a monkey: Ok, I’m sure you are thinking, why would that be on a bucket list. Every since I was young, I had this fascination with monkeys. Being in Virginia and not somewhere like Florida, I’m never going to be able to walk into a pet store and see a monkey.
  3. Be in a movie: Whether as an extra or the lead, or a major motion picture or a small budget, I would LOVE to participate in a movie. The process is just so amazing and complex that I would be very happy to be an actress.
  4. Drive, write again, only say yes: This number 4 on my list wouldn’t be number 100 on others. After I got my disease, I lost many things such as writing and driving. These things will come with time. Hopefully sooner than later.
  5. Go to Australia: Australia is one of the most incredible and interesting places in the world. It is also on the other side of the world. That’s what makes it hard and expensive to get there. That’s also why I want to be there so bad.

Dear Past Alexis

Hey there!!

Wow you are 14 and a freshman in high school! Congrats! I know middle school was tough. You need to stop thinking it was hard because of you. Let me tell you, it is hard for everyone!!!

You had an interesting friend group during 7th and 8th grade. You stayed friends with them because you wanted to be part of the “in crowd”. Trust me those popular girls are nothing but trouble. Be friends with people who you genuinely like and want to be around.

ALSO I know you love soccer. I know you don’t plan on playing it professionally, so I’d suggest not to pursue it in high school. All thats gonna happen is you are going to get hurt and break your ankle…..or something…..*cough cough* did that at the first game. Consider something like theater! Put yourself out there!

Last thing, LOVE YOURSELF. Stopping caring about what you want to look like and start loving what you do look like. Thats all I have to say!!!



White Flag

My final assignment for the assignment bank was to pick a song and explain what the song makes you feel. Here is my tweet regarding the assignment! Look at the full description of the assignment here.

I couldn’t complete the assignment entirely with the letter quota on twitter, so I will explain here. I suffer from a nerve disease called CRPS. I am in constant pain 24/7. Anytime that I feel like I can’t do it anymore or can’t do the day, I put this song on and put it up to the highest volume.

If you are having trouble one day, listen to this song by Bishop it’ll brighten your mood!!!