The Best Holiday

Let me tell you, through my whole life I have always LOVED Christmas!! My degree of love for it is almost unhealthy. There is just something about all the happiness that makes me want to stay in the time forever.

I recall smelling all the pine scents from the candles and Fabreez. I also smell the muddy buddy that we will only make during Christmas time because it’ll make you gain 100 pounds in one sitting.

I can feel all the excitement when we go into the living room at 7am and see all the presents (Santa-my siblings are all younger) has left for us. I get to be around all my family members whom I don’t see that often.

I love to give gifts. Everyone likes getting them, but I also love giving them. Seeing that huge smile on people’s faces will just make my day. It’s always worth the cost and energy to get and wrap it.

To anyone who isn’t a fan of Christmas, I don’t understand. It is the merriest time of the year!!