The Aspects of Feed

The movie that I will review for one of my daily assignments is “Feed”.

Let me quickly explain the plot. A girl and her twin brother attend a party over the weekend. They get into a fight because they are both drunk, and they get into the car. The brother (during an argument) hits the wheel wrong and gets into a crash. He, sadly, passes away and his sister survives. She then starts to think that she is seeing her brother. Her “brother” is alway saying that he is hungry and needs her food. That was just a representation for the voice people who have anorexia hear. Want to know how it ends? Just watch to find out!

Here is the preview of the movie!!

I personally think that the vast attention that is applied to every aspect of this movie is incredible. They try to provide information on anorexia to the audience. It’s camera angles and storytelling is what got me the most. It felt like you were inside of the main character’s mind.

There was only a couple things that I was not a fan of. ┬áThose being, how the crash happened. It was too predictable for me. I thought that it’s cliche of a beginning storyline took away from the rest of the movie. The one other thing I had an issue with was when her brother popped up as she was making out with a guy. I thought that took a very strange turn. I know anorexia doesn’t go away no matter what, but I thought they could have presented that in a different way.