Am I experienced with photography??

The first assignment is to write a reflection of my experiences while doing photography. I can sum up my experience in 2 words: not applicable.

I never really have had a photography background. I mean sure of course ive taken pictures on my phone and polaroid, but they aren’t artistic. I’d just take them of my friends or the beach or me.

The only approach I know I take is always on an upward angle. Never from down looking up. That always just makes something look very large instead of what it really is.

The first approach I can come up with is to first take MORE photos. I can’t improve on my photography “skills” if I don’t actually try. Just like it says in the first article, I need to find some kind of inspiration in order to be passionate about photographing whatever object or person I pick.

After reading up and analyzing I think I need to go out and take pictures. Remember, if you take a picture, it’ll last longer!!

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