Photography and Cinematography

Both of the reading that were provided for us this week gave a lot of good examples/good things to do to create incredible photos.

Here is a still shot of Percy Jackson in the very first movie.

This picture seems so simple. Just a very basic picture of the main character. But there is a lot more going on here. This picture is incredibly balanced. As you can tell Percy is the important part of this picture, not the background trees. But you can still tell that the background is in fact trees and grass.

The last movie that I would like to point of is the “Chronicles of Narnia”. This movie is very complex, but also in a very fake looking world. The still shots for this movie are truly incredible.

Look at the background of this still shot. As you can see it is truly beautiful. Although being so artistically pretty, it still doesn’t pull away attention to the intended main idea. That is the way a background is supposed to be. I admire how real everything looks in this picture. The contrast ┬áis also critical in this photograph. I don’t need to go looking for the boy, or lion, or grass, or clouds because they totally contrast each other.

The second picture is a wonderful promotion picture for the movie:

Take a look. Acknowledge how the light is dividing the picture into two. It was clearly placed so that the people looking at it can understand that the queen was dark and evil and the lion and kids are a bright light. This photograph also represents so much depth to the movie. Every character tells a story through their facial expressions. That’s what we need to do with a picture, tell a story.

I intend to tell my story every time I post a picture on Instagram. If done right, the pictures will tell a very in depth story.

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