Say Hi to Olivia

Welcome to the world of Olivia.

Olivia is is the Queen B around school. She gets what she wants. She gets WHO she wants. She feels like she is on top of the world. Everything she does appears to her peers as perfect.

Olivia is very short and skinny with reddish hair. She has freckles and very tan skin. Somehow she seems to know anyone who is anyone (well her idea of anyone). She has her grades in perfect order, being the current valedictorian and the top of the soccer team.

Many would call her unkind or even a bully. But her family background is not as supportive as her so called “friends”. She struggles with being put down consistently by both her mom, dad, and older brother.

Her story is way more complex than what others think. But that story will have to be told on another assignment….

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