Week 10 Summary

This weeks video assignments were incredibly time consuming. First thing I did was read the article that written about how to do a video essay. You can read it here.

I then began doing my video essay. The least to say is that it is a very complex assignment. You can check out my assignment below!

Video Essay

The next thing I did was the videos from the assignment bank. I was talking with my radio show group to figure out if we wanted to do the group project, or do the assignment bank. We decided that it is too difficult to match up our schedules in order for us to complete the other assignments.

The first video assignment I did was worth 4 stars. I tried to get ones with more stars since this is very time consuming. What we had to do was a ‘How to’ video that is completely silent. I did mine on how to survive having a ton of work. It wasn’t that hard to make since I know this very well. Check it out!

How To……Survive

The next assignment I chose was to make a montage of my favorite pictures. We had to choose our favorite pictures, transitions, and add sound to it. I explain the reason why I picked it all in the blog post. This assignment was also worth 4 stars.

Transitions and pictures

The final assignment I picked was like the one above. I had to pick all the places (I only did 5 because I want to go to too many) and then put it into a montage with sound as well. This was worth the final 4 stars that I needed!

Places to be

The final thing from this week was the daily creates.

The first one was to post a picture of my favorite, ratty shirt. This one I have had forever and I wear it to any appointment, chores, anything.

The final daily create that I did was area man. Let me tell you, I read the link and I still didn’t understand it. It made no sense to me. So I thought I might as well make him have the same question I didn’t know.

That’s it for this week! Aside from some commenting I am all complete! Im glad this week is over honestly!

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