Week 11

This week was pretty easy in terms of assignment! All I had to do was continue doing stars. We did have to do the blog and the videos in a more detailed fashion. But that was fine with me because it was still not much work.

The first assignment I did was worth 4 stars. We had to create a video that put a spin on a famous movie. At the end there was supposed to be some joke within it. I decided to do mine using Titanic. I used information from the huge debate that Jack could have fit on the door with Rose. If your curious what I did, you can check it out here:

Video Joke

The next video I did was also worth 4 stars. I chose the one where we were supposed to make a video of all our past social media pictures. I chose this one because I thought my character would also pick this one. She is obsessed with social media and her image. Plus it was fun to look back and see how much I’ve changed. I did my from past to present in order so that it would be really interesting to see. Look below!

Social media in a story

The final video I made was the final 4 stars needed. We had to take a number and put on pictures of it in nature. I thought this one would be easy and fun to make. I also hid in there items that belong to Olivia. I said in the post to comment below and guess which ones belong to Olivia! Watch it and guess for yourself!

The Number 0 In Nature

The daily creates were pretty easy/fun for this week!

The first one that I did was to find an interesting way signs are placed that make them mean something totally different than what they’re supposed to mean. I found this weird Koala farming one. I still don’t know what the point is of these signs.

The next one I did was also interesting. We had to make our own commemorative coin. I did a coin with Martin Luther King Jr. on it.

The final daily create that I did was to pick one of our favorite songs from childhood. I of course had to go with Teletubbies

That’s it for this week!! I know I can’t believe that’s all the work either! Thank God for that because I have 2 papers for other classes to work on.

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