Week 12

This week wasn’t too bad! It was all about mashups and remixes. It was slightly confusing to memorize the difference between the 2, but I just used this website for every time I was doing an assignment.

The first assignment I did was a tutorial of how to do one of the assignments from the assignment bank. I chose to do one for one of the assignments I already did and I liked. The assignment I picked was the google draw something. It was very easy to explain as well.

If you are looking into doing this assignment and are confused on how to do it, check out my post below!

How to: Google draw something

The assignments from the assignment bank were pretty easy as well. They didn’t take me too long. The only thing that took me long was editing, but I think that’s only because I am not tech savvy.

The first assignment I chose was worth  4 stars. The assignment was to take a superhuman and put them in real life. This would show what I would do with a superhero. I would fly, and I would use that to get past traffic because hate traffic and I’m not patient enough for it. You can look at it below!

Superhero in real life?!?!

The next assignment was worth 4 1/2 stars. This one is just like the one above. We had to take a close up by an actor in a move, and edit it into a picture so it tells a story. I used one of the most well-known close ups (the Home Alone close up). I made him surprised about a roller coaster:

Home Alone? Roller Coaster?

The final assignment from the assignment bank was worth the final 3 1/2 stars. This one was to take your favorite product from one of your favorite stores, and incorporate it into their logo. Of Course, I chose Wawa Coffee!…

Edited Logo

The next set of assignments was to click the remix button on one of the assignments in the assignment bank, and complete it. We had to do 2 of these.

The first one I got was to take the picture of my favorite superhero, and incorporate a Dr. Seuss character in it. I had Spiderman and one of the characters walking along the web he threw.

Remixing Spider Seuss

The second one I got, was to take a picture I like, and put a mustache on it. It was so simple and pretty funny. I put a mustache on my dog.

Put a ‘stache on it

The final assignment for this week was the usual daily creates.

The one daily create I did, was to say something about Sadie Hawkins day. I’m female, so of course I agree with this and this day. Any time I see Sadie Hawkins day I think of the song “Man’s World”

The next daily create I chose was to celebrate the 2500th daily create! I just put in some fancy numbers!

That’s all for this week! I’m looking forward to getting a break with Thanksgiving. It’s well deserved!

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