Week 13/Progress of Final Project

Well, I can’t believe we only have one more week! This has been a very helpful class in just working with the computer.

But anyways, let’s get to the real subject. This final project, I have been thinking and planning for all week. I do not have any completed work, because I am trying to make this the best work it can be.

This assignment is to utilize my character and the theme of myth/legend into a master project. This project will be across 3 different parts of media that we have both learned and discussed in this class.

I will provide a very detailed outline in what I am planning to do for each individual story. While showing my how my character has evolved throughout the semester. Here you go!

My character Olivia started out as a character whom is severely misunderstood. She is this cruel and calculated popular girl in school, but then at home she is pushed beyond her limits in ways people would not want to be pushed. This can be difficult to illustrate, but by the end of this project you all will see how much Olivia has changed. I want the story to be Olivia is taken into court for the issue that happened which was discussed in the radio show. I’ll link that here:


Character: Olivia-popular girl at school who is pushed by her closest family members daily.

Myth/Legend: The rumors and chats about who Olivia really is is a myth. She has become this legendary girl in her hometown, with so many stories about who she is.

3 Forms of Media: Visual, Web, Audio

How will these forms be used? 

  • Visual-This will be a series of pictures. These pictures will tell part of the story of Olivia’s life. It all express what the plaintiff think she is like, and what the defendant think she is really like. It will confirm or deny the “myths” that carry along with her.

*** I will use a couple of resources to complete this part of my project. This one will be done in 2 steps. The first step will to gone onto google and find both short clips and pictures that I believe to resemble Olivia (both socially and alone). Then I will go onto IMovie on my MacBook and begin creating a video of all of the pictures and clips. Of Course, this will be a 2-part video with first the myths, then the truths. I’ll add some music, to make the piece go together, and then that’ll be part one!

  • Web- I will do an Amazon ad like what we did earlier in the semester (yes I know the last one didn’t work, but I’m trying for it again!). I want this ad to be very honest. I want to make it like an ad for what Olivia really wants to “sell” to people vs. what she does “sell”. Basically I want to make it ad or the person that Olivia presents vs. what she really wants to show.

*** This will be a picture of what both sides “show” to the judge. I will use a couple things for this as well. The first thing is of course google to get pictures and ideas. The second thing will be what we used for the web week. I will use the Mozilla X-Ray Goggles Tool .

  • Audio- I want to create another interview type place, but make it Olivia explaining who she is as a person and why she did the things she did. This will essentially be her full evolution so that the class is basically her ark and the end of my semester is the end of this part of her story.

** This will be the final plea speech of Olivia. With this, I will utilize the recording app on my Apple iPhone. I will then Air Drop it to my computer and upload it into Audacity . Which I have used that for multiple assignments. I will upload other sounds into it to enhance the audio using Free Sound .

That’s all for this week! I will start working on the final project this weekend, and have it ready for the end of the semester! One more week everyone and we are done! 🙂




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