Week 6 Summary

This week was pretty easy and light on the work, which of course I very much enjoyed 🙂

I enjoyed the design theme of it. From doing theater in high school, I was always huge on design when creating the set. This allowed me to pick what colors/shapes would be best for drawing away/keeping the audiences attention. When we did the readings for this week, it refreshed my brain on just how much goes into creating designs. But I also enjoyed reading about all the different events that helped make designs what they are today.

I talk about it all in this post!

Reading and Reflecting!

The next assignment that I had to do was the photo blitz. This one took me almost the longest any assignment has taken me this semester yet. I think thats only because I was so picky. I also tried to incorporate many different of the ideas (color, balance, rhythm, etc.) into the pictures. Look at the post!

Photo Blitz

Of course, as usual I had to do the daily creates.

The first one was all about what has bat boy been doing lately. I typed in on google bat boy, and a picture of him grown up is what came up! Which was perfect for the assignment!!

The second daily create assignment was my personal favorite: modern marshmallow man! Easy!! We have a modern marshmallow man and he is a dj!!

The final daily create of the week was to post a picture of dunkin what? I’m pretty sure along with everyone else, the thought that popped into my head was Donuts! Dunkin Donuts!

The last, and most frequent assignment was to do 12 stars worth on the design assignment bank. The first one that I picked was worth 3 stars. This assignment was to write our names out in very cool letters with a cool background. I thought it would be neat to write my name in Disney design letters. That was fun to do!

Disney Alexis!

The next assignment was worth 2 stars. This one was to create a word chart of different words that describes our character we created earlier in the semester. With the help of a word art generator I was able to create one in the shape of a heart, which to me completely described my character!

Olivia’s Word Chart

The 4th assignment was to design our character. She may not have come out perfectly, but she did come out a lot like how she looks in my head!  Which is so good! And it was worth 4 stars!

Character Design: Olivia

The final assignment to design a postcard for a location that I would like to go to. It was worth 3 stars. I tried to make it look the most French-like since I wrote one for France!

Postcard From France

That’s the end of this week! Along with commenting I completed all the assignments due! It wasn’t that hard of assignments either!


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