Week 7

This week was actually fun to do!! We got to spend a lot of time planning and figuring out what our radio show will be. I enjoyed it because I got to work with other people, people that I’ve been commenting and replying on on Twitter and the blogs.

But of course we can’t forget about the weekly stuff like Daily Creates and assignments from the assignment bank!

The first daily create was about today in fake history. This one was fun to both read others and do myself. I needed to pick one of the black and white ones off spongebob. I see these all over my own twitter anyways so it wasn’t hard to find.

The next one was about the 50 worst jobs. The one that popped in my head almost immediately is show below. It honestly was the only field trip I wish I hadn’t attended.

The final daily create was to show a clown thats in the blues. I just easily typed up sad clown and there was so many that showed up. I hate clowns so it wasn’t my favorite assignment.

Next up is the Assignment bank. I did 3 assignments for this week because I needed 10 stars. The first one that I did was the parody of a song. I was obviously hungry that day so I did a parody of Adele’s “Hello” as “Hangry” Check it out! I earned 3 stars from this assignment!

“Hello” or “Hangry”

The next assignment was very fun! We had to take quotes from famous Disney songs and turn it into a story. The story didn’t have to make sense, but I tried my best to make it make sense. I used some of my favorite quotes from Disney in this. I got 4 stars from this!!!

Disney Lyrics, but No Sense at All

The final assignment, I utilized my character I chose for the semester. We had to find a theme song from a tv show that will either be about or coming from the character I selected. I went with tone of the most legendary shows, Drake and Josh. Here’s my post about the assignment that gave my last 3 stars!

Theme Song of Olivia

The next thing I did for the week was create a bumper sticker/logo for either my group’s new radio show or the ds106 radio show. I had to go with our own radio show because maybe they will want to use this one as one of our 3.

Radio Show Bumper!

The final thing I did for the week was to give an update of our Radio Show. I think we are in a good place currently in our progress. We are getting more and more ideas for how to make our radio show the best. My group for this project is Chlover, Isaiah, Jessica, Kara, and Suzanne Catlin. 

Progress of our show!

That’s all for this week!! I hope you like the progress and are looking forward to listening on our radio show!!



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