Week 9

This week has been longer since I have a lot of work for other classes as well. This first thing I did was listen to the radio shows. They were so great and everyone clearly worked so hard on them. I talk about them all here:

Listening in on DS106 Radio!

The next thing I did was do the daily creates. These I’m supposed to put into a story here:

Once upon a time, there was a monster that thinks she is very cute:

She was walking through a forest and found a terrifying image!! A pumpkin was eating ANOTHER pumpkin!! Why are there cannibal pumpkins?!?!

Then she simply passed it without saying anything and thought to herself “wow…


The next thing I did was complete the website changer assignment. This one was difficult and didn’t go as planned for me. Check out what went wrong!

Website Recreations

The final thing I did for the week was the assignments from the assignment bank. We were supposed to get a total of 10 stars.

The first one I did was to look into the past of ds106. We were supposed to find a creative assignment someone else did and posted, and then we re-do it in our own way. This assignment was a full 4 stars!

DS106 Haunted

The second one I did was to explain a digital tool. We were supposed to find the digital tool, and give an explanation and a step-by-step way on how to use it. I used the rate my teacher tool. A tool I use all the time. This was worth 3 1/2 stars.

Best Digital Tool for UMW

The final assignment I did to complete my 10 stars was to look at how a website changed through time. I decided to pick eBay since I have used that throughout time. This one gave me the last 2 1/2 stars.

Ebay through time

That’s it for this week!! Despite it being rougher, I’m happy I completed it all!

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