Week Summary 4

What. A. Week.

So I may have made a mistake for procrastinating on this class. It all caught up with me this week. At least I am finishing this class early (not by much, but I’ll take it!). I enjoyed this one a lot more than last weeks because I like visual stuff a lot more!

I started off with a reflection of my past photography skills. Let’s just admit that I knew nothing before I read the readings, which you can view here and here. I explained how in depth my skills are on this post:

Am I experienced with photography??

Analyzing different points in movies that represent the points mentioned in the weekly instructions and the readings did not seem fun. I actually didn’t mind because I was having fun looking for still shots in different movies. The two movies I used were Percy Jackson and Chronicles of Narnia. I explain them all in this post:

Photography and Cinematography

The next assignment was to do either a collage or a what’s in my bag. What’s in my bag is always a fun thing to do. I remember doing this all through elementary and middle school. It was interesting to do it for my character because then it made the character even more real.

What’s in her purse?!

Then came my 10 stars worth of visual assignments. The first one I did was to create a superhero doing something from ordinary life. That one came out as 3 stars:

Superheros do what?!?

The next thing was to take a weird picture that could be mistaken for a superhero/superhero related things. This one was actually 4 stars!!

Is it a light? Is it a plane? Is it IRON MAN?!

The final assignment I created was to take a picture of something up close and let others guess. Of course I’m not going to tell you what it is, but I can let you click on the blog.

Take a wild guess!

Daily creates were simple as usual. I did do some from the past due to things scrambling all up around that “horrible” hurricane. The first daily create was to post dots for international dots day.

The next one was to post lunch art. It’s basically art made with any type of food. This one I did for shark week!

The final one was to post gremlins in ds160! Everyone seemed to like this one!!

The final assignment for week 4 was the photoblitz. I had a fun time doing this one!! It got me up and moving for this class, which isn’t very typical due to it all being on the computer!!

20 min Photo Time!

That’s all for this week! Hopefully I learned my lesson and will not procrastinate for next week’s assignments! Have a good week everyone!

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