What’s in her purse?!

Now with the way my character is, she has many different items in her purse.

First off, her purse is very basic, but cute. She wanted one that was small, but she could still have it on her wrist. This is what it ooks like:

Of course she has all the makeup essentials in order to look absolutely perfect.

Liquid foundation, concealer, lipstick, etc.

She has plenty of gum to ensure that she isn’t known as dragon breath

My character also has something no one knows about. She doesn’t talk about it because she doesn’t feel as if it is cool enough. What is it? Well take a look:

A single necklace that has the coordinates of her best friend who moved to the opposite side of the US. She doesn’t want people to think she is too gushy.

Along with other items like the typical credit card, phone, hair ties, etc. My character seems to be not very original when it comes to her purse. I guess that’s what a popular girl wants to be like….just like everyone else (but better)

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