Which Genre’s Better?

Finding one song sang in 2 different genres is always so interesting to watch. It let’s you have an almost “what if” for the song, like “what if it was sang like this, would it do better or worse?”

That’s why upon reading this assignment that I thought of, yes, the Musical Genre Challenge on Jimmy Fallon. The one I would like to use is the one none other than Ariana Grande. I was able to find the video that had what I was looking for, but it was covered the whole segment as opposed to the one song. So enjoy watching it all, but focus on the song God’s Plan.

Here is the Original God’s Plan by Drake:

And here is God’s Plan by Ariana Grande in the 90s Diva Genre!

Personally, I prefer the original, but Ariana’s takes a very close second. I think I just always enjoy originals better since they are the ones that get stuck in my head first, but they are both pretty darn good!!

Which one do you like better? Let me know below!

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